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I bought a early christmas present for myself

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Well with all the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii Frenzy going on in the past week.... I plunged into getting a Xbox 360!! As a original owner of Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, Playstation 1, and Playstation 2 , I jumped ship and landed on the microsoft side. There was like 2 really good games (GOW, GRAW) that came with the system, Also A whole lot of other goodies like headset, Xbox live arcade....etc. Now the wait for it to come from is killing me!! Can't wait to spend some quality time online with it tooo.
Hopefully my company can fund my new found hobby with a big fat raise this chirstmas!!! :drool:
Don't worry Haroon, My plans for new wheels hasn't changed for next year!! :D
This is exactly what I feel like!!
Come on Xbox 360 come to me!!
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Sweet, eventhough M$ is the root of all evil, I still love the XBOX.
Me too... I was given an XBOX free with the brand new MPV I used to own before I had the 6...

... then I got home one day and discovered that my wife had sold it to a friend of hers.
sony isn't gonna win this gen
most of the exclusives with sony were called-off
and evidence shows ps3 is NOT really stronger than 360
but good choice though
wii60 :D
nice! ... I'm thinking of getting the extreme bumper or the BR lip that's being made for my Christmas present to myself :) I think I would have gotten the PS3 but don't play console games anymore.. they're so expensive!

Lets hope for a nice bonus from work then MS springs :p
I just got an XBox 360 also. Picked it up from MicroCenter. It came with a $100 mail in rebate. Premium System for the price of the Core System? You know i'm there.
PS3 is too expensive. I might get a Wii if there are good games for it, I have a PS2 and Gamecube right now.
Once your connected to XBL Gold, come and join us at

My GT is: hansolocujo
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