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Hypertech Max Energy Sport Now Available for Mazda MPS Australian Models!
Hypertech is excited to announce the release of the new Max Energy Sport Power Programmer for the MAZDA3 MPS and MAZDA6 MPS 2.3L TURBO AUSTRALIAN MODELS.

ME Sport.jpg

• 2006-2009 Mazda3 (BK Series II) MPS 2.3L Turbo
• 2005-2007 Mazda6 (GG Series II) MPS 2.3L Turbo

Product Features:
o Premium Fuel Engine Tuning (91 Octane)
o Raise or lower engine rev limiter +/- 500 RPM (in 100 RPM increments)
o Throttle Restriction Removal Option
o Cold Air Intake Tuning Options
o Reads, displays, and clears diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)

Product Benefits:
o Gains of 68 HP/38 Ft-Lbs at the wheels
o Tuned for improved throttle response and drivability from off idle all the way through the power band
o Retains stock calibrations so the vehicle can be programmed back to stock at any time
o Internet updateable
o Custom Tuning Options for aftermarket cold air intakes: AEM, Corksport, Cp-e, Injen, K&N, Takeda, Mazdaspeed, BEGi, Cobb, & HKS

Link to dyno chart:
For a dealer near you, go to our website, or contact our tech department.
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