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How to take off ceramic coating on a mani?

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I need to remove a bit of ceramic coating on the DNP Mani so the welder can weld a bung on there. How can I remove ceramic coating around where it needs to be welded?

I talked to the welder, and he hasn't had to remove it before. He can do it, NP, but if it's labor intensive, it's going to cost me a grip. He was saying it is like glass or something, which doesn't grind off easily. He asked me what kind of ceramic it was, and I have no clue. I think Jay had it coated at PG, but I'm not sure. It's black... don't have a pic handy, but can post one when I get home.

Please let me know what is the best way to do it, or the quickest way for my welder to do it. I was going to see him tomorrow, but I'd like to get some more info, or even try to get it off myself?

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bring it over. i'll take that shit off. even if i have to use a farrier's file. yes i have one of those. bring the bung too and i'll take only enough of the coating to install the bung plus a little more for a weld bead.

when is the install day?
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yeah, I am going to be working at my mother's tomorrow renivating her basement then helping a friend replace his ball joints on his ram 2500 in the afternoon, then i have to work friday 16 hrs then saturday 24 hrs then i have to work the Pats game on sunday so i can't help you out unless it's after the weekend. I have a training class at work (job 1) monday until 4pm, if you need help then let me know, i'll be there.

a Farrier's file is a file that a Farrier, or the man/woman that puts on and reshapes horseshoes, would use to reshape the horses hoof.. it's a large coarse file.

P.S. it was a joke.

you can grind that shit off with just a regular hand file. you can borrow one if you want.
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