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How to take off ceramic coating on a mani?

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I need to remove a bit of ceramic coating on the DNP Mani so the welder can weld a bung on there. How can I remove ceramic coating around where it needs to be welded?

I talked to the welder, and he hasn't had to remove it before. He can do it, NP, but if it's labor intensive, it's going to cost me a grip. He was saying it is like glass or something, which doesn't grind off easily. He asked me what kind of ceramic it was, and I have no clue. I think Jay had it coated at PG, but I'm not sure. It's black... don't have a pic handy, but can post one when I get home.

Please let me know what is the best way to do it, or the quickest way for my welder to do it. I was going to see him tomorrow, but I'd like to get some more info, or even try to get it off myself?

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bring it over. i'll take that shit off. even if i have to use a farrier's file. yes i have one of those. bring the bung too and i'll take only enough of the coating to install the bung plus a little more for a weld bead.

when is the install day?
Thanks man. What is a farrier's file? I don't want the mani getting all jacked up with bootleg tools ;). I actually ordered the bung + plug last Thrusday, and the website says they ship same day or next day. I called Monday when I didn't see a tracking number, and they were out of stock. So, they drop shipped it from MI, and it'll be here tomorrow via Fedex. They usually deliver around noon time. I was hoping to have it today. When are you around? I was going to see the welder tomorrow for him to look at it. Install is on Saturday, but I have to do something Friday, and he leaves at like 2pm.
i had my manifold re coated last year. and had to remove the original coating, i just used a die grinder. its not that much harder then even a basic painted surface in all truth.
So can I just file that shit off by hand? It's not like I'm doing 10 square feet or anything. I would just want it to be smooth... maybe hard to do with files, but IDK. I see it being hard to be exact... like I'll end up removing coating in a larger area. I wish I had the bung to check it out :(
Filed by hand with a cheap file, ftw. I didn't have any of the tool you guys mentioned. I think I did a pretty good job of keeping the mani coating removal to a minimum. Took some time to get to keep it round and smooth, but it worked well:

Anyone know how small a hole to drill in the middle for an EGT sensor? Skates told me in an email or gchat I can't find now :(

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