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Guys how do u route wire to map pocket? I try to look on how to removed and I can't figure out how get it off from the dash?

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Update pics?

Ok so I get like 1,895,345 x 81 PM's about "what do I need to install these gauges" and I figure, why keep putting all this info together in a PM when I can just post a thread about it and point whoever wonders in the right direction.

Also, it's tiring for me to have to look up the info a jillion times... really.

So here tis.

BEFOREHAND, understand this:

If I were to say "1/8 inch-27NPT", this means "1/8 inch inner diameter, 27 threads per inch, National Pipe Thread"... it's all one size.

ALSO, use teflon tape on most threading unless otherwise stated.

Preface: Here's a OLD SCHOOL video (I've gotten much better since...) of how to remove the map console lid thing... as stated, it's old school but it gets the message across and has been helpful in the past so, here tis:

Blackmagik Productions : Console Removal for Pods

Oil Temp: The area where you put the fitting (just below and to the left of the dipstick in the block [There's a silver colored Allen head pipe plug in the hole... remove it - that's where your oil temp sender and reducer bushing will go]) will be from 1/4 NPT to 1/8" NPT (Reducer bushing) The Oil Temp Sender is 1/8" NPT, which connects straight into the reducer bushing.

Oil Pressure: Stock sender located to the left of the oil filter must be removed. Must get 1/4" NPT to 1/8" NPT, some extra HYDRAULIC STAINLESS STEEL BRAIDED hose to extend upwards (must be hydralic SS hose or it will leak!!!). Place a T-fitting at the end of the hose that extends to the top of the engine bay, which needs to be 1/4" NPT for the stock sender, "xx" NPT (whatever size the hydraulic hose is), and "xx" NPT (whatever size your sender is).

Tranny Temp: Take your T fitting and place the two hose adapters in either side. Then in the bottom of the T, take your 1/8 adapter and install that. Then take your temperature sender and install that into the 1/8 adapter. You will need to use Teflon tape on the 2 hose adapters and the 1/8 adapter. Do not use any teflon tape between the sender and the adapter.(dagmz6s)

WARNING!!! Install the T fitting on the tranny line w/ the BLUE DOT!!! This is the exit line from the tranny, which will give you more accurate readings. The fitting is installed on the wrong line in the picture.

Before you finish this step you need to install something to ground the T. This will be done with a worm clamp and a terminal ring. You will place the terminal ring under the worm clamp and tighten it onto the T as much as possible. When you install the ground wire you will just clamp it into this terminal ring.

*sigh* That's the jist of it. Should help alot of people out. I'll try and look up sizes and all that jazz later, but for now... there it is. Out of my way.

kthnxmods sticky maybe?
Anyway we can get pics updated for this sticky?

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I'm installing the same gauges but all of mine are mechanical, so maybe I should do a different right up since everything is different.

There are also 2 of those allen head fittings on the block (look at pic) so you could use those instead of removing the stock sensor. Although the stock sensor is useless. I've had the light come on when my mech. oil pressure gauges reads above 15psi.

Slightly off topic ^^ that picture of the 3.0 V6 bank1, can someone confirm those are oil galley plugs?? Hindset says its a less than ideal spot as its way off the main line and feeds the cam and lifters....

PS - mechanical has many advantages but if your stupid about, has some disadvantages.
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