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Finally done with the XenonDepot HID kit installation over the weekend. Hope this write-up can help those who purchased the same kit and having problem or worrying about the installation.

I have the write-up temporarily hosted here

I'll convert it to a posting if requested.

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First time making a how-to post with images. Hopefully it works...

Flat male connector (from RadioShack):

7/8" drill bit:

Other tools: Drill, screw driver, socket driver, wire cutter and stripper, zip ties, eletric tape

The Installation:
1. Disconnect the battery. First the negative, then the positive
2. Remove front bumper. For instructions click here
3. Remove both headlight units. There are 5 screws and 1 tab that hold the headlight unit in place.

4. (Optional) Remove the low beam reflectors for reducing glare. It took quite a bit of force.

5. Remove low beam dust cap, disconnect both +/- female connectors and remove stock H1 bulb.

6. Drill a 7/8" hole trough the center of the dust cap, and route the HID bulb through the hole. Secure the HID bulb in the headlight unit. Do NOT touch the glass part of the bulb.

7. Cut the "plug" off from the HID kit harness. The plug will not be used. Do not install the 2 flat male connectors yet.

8. Connect the HID kit harness to stock headlight harness (for DRIVER SIDE ONLY)
a) Slit 2 openings through the rubber sealing piece for the dust cap. The opening should be very tiny as rubber is stretchable. There were already 2 holes in the rubber piece, I just used a needle to poke through them to make the openings. Route the two wires from Step 7 through the openings.

b) Strip the ends and install the male flat connectors. I use a smaller connector for the negative wire (black) because the negative female connector in the stock harness is smaller.

c) Connect the harness. Secure the connection with electrical tapes. Close the dust cap.

9. Put the headlight units back. Connect the rest of the HID kit. Connect the HID power wires to the battery, red to +, black to -.
10. Secure all the harness in the engine bay, reconnect battery (+ then -). Check for completion by turning on headlight. Done!

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