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If you have ever had your Bose 6 disc CD player stop ejecting your CDs and would like them back, read on.

My cd player still plays CDs, but wouldn't eject them. It would start to eject them but then get stuck and you would just hear the motor trying to eject them. * I have a 2003 Mazda6 with Bose System.

Verify player still works: Take another CD (while still holding on to it) and push back in the CD that hasn't fully ejected, remove the cd you used to push the stuck one back. You’ll feel it. Turn the car off and on so the player resets itself. Play CDs normally. If this works, then this is a good sign and the rest of this information will be helpful. Otherwise, use what info you can and pickup where I left off.

DISCLAIMER: if you are not comfortable around electricity, sensitive electronics, or prone to injury, please consult with someone or seek assistance. If you do this and it doesn't work or something happens to your head unit, sorry, but I can only share what worked for me and I have no idea what will work for you.

STEP 1: TURN CAR OFF, BUT DO NOT DISCONNECT THE BATTERY. Yup, that's not a typo. Under normal circumstances you should always disconnect the battery for safety and to not fry other sensitive electronics in the car. AGAIN, if you are not comfortable with doing this, DON'T.

STEP 2: REMOVE HEAD UNIT. There are enough write ups on how to do this so I won't bore you. Just search this site to find one and skip the part that tells you to disconnect the battery.

STEP 3: Disconnect all the connectors from the head unit (photo C) if you haven't already done so. Don't forget the Antenna ;) Move the head unit and faceplace to your lap and your Dash board should look something like Photo A. Now disconnect the connector on the right toward the face plate (photo B)

STEP 4: REMOVE 4 RED SCREWS. My car had instructions for the Mazda Tech on how to install the CD player to the radio unit and then install that onto the sled and then into the faceplate. (as seen in Photo D, but ignore the arrows for now.) Go ahead and read it, it might help find the 4 red screws to remove. Two on the Right (Photo E) and Two on the Left (photo F)

STEP 5: The head unit should slide out of the face plate. Just lift up or pull up from the face place. It should be very easy. If not, then either a connector is still attached or you missed a screw. Your face plate should/might now look like Photo G. Move it aside and place your radio/CD combo in your lap with the CD opening facing you as seen in photo H. Remove the 6 screws circled in red and don't lose them. (Your radio unit may look different if you have the optional tape deck. Note: the Sylfex AuxMod! Its awesome btw. go get one.)

STEP 6: Gently pry the cover plate from the face of the CD. You can see it lifting up in Photo I. Go easy on it, it will pop up as you work around. If you pry to hard, you will bend it and that will suck. Don't damage the two black connectors on the front. Once removed, set it aside someplace safe so you don't bend it on accident.

STEP 7: Remove the 3 screws in Photo D and gently pry off top of CD cover as seen in photo J. This one takes a little more patience than the plate in step 6, but you'll feel it.

STEP 8: Your CD player should look like photo K now, but full of CDs (I did the photos in reverse and had the hind sight to do this write up, sorry.) Make sure to check out your CD player Its quite a feat of engineering! Just don't push on things too hard in there....OK You probably have noticed one of your CD is not in a tray nor is it fully ejected (that is if you tried to eject it before taking all this apart, but then again, you are following these instructions and you pushed it back before you started. so they should all be in their trays)


STEP 10: Reconnect Connectors. Connect the connector on the Right front first (photo B) then the Connect the Yellow circled, then the Red Circled (photo C) and last connect the main radio one (blue arrow Photo C)

!! You will probably hear the unit cycle up depending on how you left the radio when you turned off the car.

STEP 11: THE FUN PART! (you may or may not need to turn on the key, I don't remember) PRESS AND HOLD THE EJECT BUTTON for like 5 seconds or longer. This tells the cd player to eject all of the CDs. NOW when the CD gets stuck, just take your finger and slide the CD out through the front face plate. Use the opening on top of the CD player to help push the CD out. Once it has cleared, the CD will attempt the unload another CD. Once it gets stuck, help it out too. Do this until all of the CDs are out.

STEP 12: Turn key OFF if you have it on. Disconnect connectors. Slide unit out of the sled/face plate and reassemble everything in the order they were removed (step 7 then step 6 then 5, etc.) The plates in Steps 5 and 7 should snap back into place. Once the whole thing is back together, verify that they radio and other functions still work and NEVER USE your CD Player again or just sell your car.

I don't have any answers beyond this write up. If the above doesn't work, then keep taking things apart until you achieve your objective. Best of luck.


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Nice! I'm stickying this since we always get this question asked frequently. Good job.
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