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How to determine type of trim for Mazda 6 Sedan

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I am a first time buyer of a car and bought a 2008 Mazda 6..sorry for a lame question but how do I determine what type of trim I have? I thought the make of the car would be "Mazda" and the model is "6".. after looking around on line I notice there are different trims such as the "i sport", "s sedan" etc.. How could i determine the trim type? BTW I bought this car at a Honda dealrship, it didn't come with an owners manual and I tried to look all over the car to see if there was any indication of the trim type but no luck. Any tips/adivce would be appreciated! thanks in advance! :)
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yep. ^ That's the way I understand it.

There might be some regional packaging differences but they will be minor.

That and if you have a rear wiper, you don't have a sedan. :lol:
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