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I called Cobb today to get a ticket number to get my AP fixed, and also asked how to Datalog with ATR. There seems to be some confusion as to how and/or why, so I thought I'd share with you guys:

1. Uninstall ATR from your laptop
2. Plug your AP into the OBD port as usual
3. Plug your AP into your laptop via the micro USB to USB cord
4. Run the executible file of ATR.

This will install the right drivers so you can log with ATR on your laptop. He also said you DO get way more data points per second because you're using your computer's processor to capture data, and using the AP as just a pass through device. The AP's processor is small and slow, and can't record very fast. You've probably noticed when you have every PID selected to record, the time between each record (row in excel) increases.... and you're missing out on info!!

I had tried rigging my computer previously, but I kept getting some error message (I forget which) when I selected "connect to ECU." It was because I already had ATR installed on my laptop. So save that new ATR executible download file update boys, and uninstall it from you laptop, and proceed as described above if you want more data points per second, etc...

I hope this clears some things up!!!

P.S. I haven't tried this yet as I just shipped my AP to Cobb today after work.
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