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Hey guys, I may be joining the crowd of happy mazda 6 owners quite soon. I just retired my 1985 mazda rx-7 due to practicality reasons and I am looking at staying in the mazda family. I have lurked at length around here and on other parts of the internet. Now on to the test driving!

A quick question: After a 45 min bout with the 4cyl vs v6 thread I am confident I know what I want. The question I have for those that have done it is this: I live in California and go to school in Utah which means crossing the Sierra Nevadas a number of times. With a fully loaded car is this too much for the 6i? I plan on sticking to the 5 speed for my transmission of choice, if that helps the matter. I know that pretty much any modern 4 cyl car can climb any major road... eventually... but I wanted to know the ease by which such a feat would be accomplished. The reason I am asking here is that I haven't found much in the way of such steep hill climbing in the threads.

At any rate, my shopping is underway, and I hope to soon be a contributor and not just a leech!

Happy driving
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