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Hmmm... muffler alone? vs magnaflow catback

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here is a newbie question,

since a catback system doesnt provide any HP gain on our car but only a deeper sound, would changing for some aftermarket muffler would do the same thing for cheaper?

what are the pros and cons?

which one that i can buy with decent quality and would fit out car perfectly?

Mazda 6s 2004

edit: never mind, i answered some of part of my question
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defintely get the catback. it will provide minimal gain but you will get real gains once you open it up from the intake side. (intake and header/s) since the catback system has bigger piping from, well, the catback. and just a muffler uses stock piping.
I have the magnaflow and love it, you can usually get a used one on ebay or cragislist. I wanted a valid warranty so I got it here. Magnaflow 14864. Also some of the forum sponsors selling magnaflow usually have a sale going on. Either way its a great cat, sounds great, and very easy to install.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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