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Hitting speed of 140KM/H in your Mazda6

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Drive to K.L. with Mazda6 is FUN ! Reach K.L. in about 3 hours hitting speed of 140KM/Hour.

A pity that we do not have the cruise control in Singapore as a option.
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Yeah...I experienced some chipping on my chrome grille and 1 small chip on my bonnet as well then I drove up to Ipoh last month too. It was quite a joy to drive. Took the car up to 180+km/h without the feeling of the car taking off. However, the enigne noise starts getting a little intrusive after 3hrs at 3500-4000rpm...
Replying to Topic 'Hitting speed of 140KM/H in your Mazda6' was quite interesting coz I was tailing a volvo and a bmw. Both were m'sian registered vehicles. Also, when I made a rest stop, lots of people were staring at the car since for some, it was the first time they were seeing it + it's not available there...yet.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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