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Hey guys, first post. Trying to work on my gf's 4cyl 6 and looking at the fuel pump. Im coming from a neon srt so its a tad different but wanted to see if anyone had a how to or pictures for removing the tank and pump?

Also having a problem of the engine not turning over. Had a similar problem and was a fuse. But we checked all the fuses and all are in good shape.Was thinking maybe the fuel pump wasnt sending fuel so it was turning over. I guess any other ideas are welcome as well. Thanks!!

Also I guess there is no Haynes for the 6 but anyone have a good site on the internet with pictures/info/howtos? Thanks. Oh and again she has the 4cyl model. 2003

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Did you say the engine isnt turning over? Or it is turning over and not starting? If the engine is not turning over, the fuel pump is not the problem. When your fuel pump goes out the engine will crank all day, but it wont start. You really need to check your fuel pressure before tearing into it. There should be a shrader valve on the fuel rail that you can hook a guage to. I might have missunderstood you... Hope this helps.
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