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I've read all threads I could find and still can't figure out what the problem with my A/C is.

For the last couple of weeks it has been cooling only at higher speeds or early in the morning when the temp is below 75. Now its not cooling at all. The compressor comes on only for a second, along with the fans when I first turn the car on in the morning. I got one of the can refill kits with the gauge, mainly to find out if the system was low. The reading yesterday when the compressor was on was at 0, compressor off it shot up to 50. I was able to add about a quarter of the 16oz can before the compressor shut off again, it was reading about 15 at the time.

This morning with the car off it was reading about 150, cant get a reading with the compressor or cause its not coming on long enough to get a reading. All off this was off course in the low side.

I switched the relay with the horn and that's not the issue. The fans do come on when the compressor decides to switch on as well so those are not the issue either. I've noticed the car idling a little lower than usual and this morning after I got to work (20 min highway drive) I sat in the car for a second and turned on the A/C but my car stalled, first time it has ever done that.

its an 2007 6 with the 2.3, 55k miles.

I am taking it to the shop sometime this week, just wanted to have an idea of what it could be so they don't screw me.
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