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Hello all,

Even being a Noob I know that this question and topic comes up all too often, but I need help.I have heard all too many times that this swap (V6 to 2.3l awd disi turbo) is just not worth it and too expensive but lets not bring that up because I just need an answer. I have located a dirt cheap mazdaspeed engine, ECU, tranny and differential where I live ($1200!!!!) and this is my dream engine so i really want to know what i could do with this and what I will need to complete the swap. My biggest worries are the electrical system (ECU CanBus), wiring and BCM,,, What problems will I encounter, how do I fix it and finally a parts list for this to happen... Please save the "Turbo your V6 Bro" and help me out, thanking you all in advance!!!

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