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Helllo everybody,

I'm from Portugal and have a Mazda6 Diesel 2.0 bought new in 29 of August 2003. Since them I have several problems, like the Cd player replaced, the front headlights also replaced, the rear suspension...replaced, the board computer don't work right and finally, the worse problem:

The engine lost power and started to make a loud banging noise as if someone was hitting it with hammer and make lot of smoke on the exhaust pipe two weeks ago. As the warranty was gone (for a difference of 15 days) the dealer doesn't supply me with a car and the worse of it is that they can't find what is the problem.

First they change one injector that fail sometimes, them checked the fuel and replaced it, after replaced the computer system of the car (don't know how you call it in English), now they say is the oil pump. Mazda Portugal does not know also what is the failure!!!

Anyone had the same problem? Please help I'm getting insane. As the warranty as gone for 15 dais, does not have Mazda be responsibility for this?

I'm very unhappy with my Mazda :swearin: hope any of you can help me to solve this problem.

Many thanks

Best regards

Mazda 6 CRTD Exclusive Plus 2.0 16V 4p 136 CV 37.500 Miles (60000 Km)
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