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Hey folks!! So I have a 2010 Mazda 6 with the 2.5L with 114k on the clock. Really like my Mazda and plan on hopefully driving it until 200k. I originally purchased the car about 3 years ago with 67k on it. I started this thread to try and get some more info on how our 6's are expected to behave when shifting etc. I am going to try and explain.

I have noticed at times that when I slow down and make a turn then try and get on the gas again its like the trans has a hard time downshifting. Its almost like it can't shift down fast enough to get the RPMs back up to accelerate.

A second issue is in the 50 mph to 60 mph cruising range. Usually the RPM is around 2k range or so (2500k range at 70mph). At times I notice the RPM do this small jump of 300 - 500 RPM. Its almost like its a mini 6th gear. Seems to do it a lot more when using cruise.

Hoping some knowledgeable folks can chime on my observations on whether this is expected behavior or something else. Also with my mileage at 114k would a transmission fluid change be beneficial? Thanks for reading.
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