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Hello from Essex UK

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Just introducing myself...

I had a used 323F Imola a few years ago and loved it. Recently bought a 6TS with a guaranteed 6-month buy-back price from a local dealer, and have just turned that one in for a new 2010 2.5 petrol 6 Sport (metallic black).

Took it on its first long trip today - onto the M11 at Harlow, M25 anti-clockwise, then M3/M27 etc down to Poole (Dorset) for a meeting with a lawyer (don't ask!!) and back again afterwards.

I got back home feeling very calm and relaxed. OK it was almost all m/way cruising apart from a few miles between home and the M11, and that isn't giving the car much opportunity to please. But it did well.

Just one question - the "tap up/down" function on the cruise control on my 6TS was very precise - one quick tap of the switch either way gave a 1kph speed adjustment, two taps gave you 2kph difference, etc.. On the 2010 6 Sport this seems much less precise. A quick tap often seems to have no effect at all, tap'n'hold has an unpredictable effect. It seems simpler just to change speed in other ways and then re-set cruise control to the new speed, just as you would do in a car with CC lacking the "tap up/down" function. Has anyone else found a difference in the way cruise control works on the 2010 cars as against earlier models?
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