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Hi everyone, I've signed up with Mazda6Club at the suggestion of some of the local guys and signed up with Amish to help sponsor the forum.

My name is Ken and I run ProtegeGarage, a Mazda-centric online parts store. We've had a small but growing selection of Mazda6 parts available for some time and we're looking to see what the enthusiast community is looking for. We have Mazda6 specific Microtech Engine Management Systems available as well as a TMIC (top mount intercooler) and FMIC replacement for the Mazdaspeed6 both around the corner which we expect to perform well. We're partnered with machine shops and Mazda master techs both local and abroad for customization work and new designs. Our Mazda6 section can be located at

I just wanted to drop in and say hello and that I am happy to hear any suggestions and ideas from anyone at any time.

thank you
Ken M.
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