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Hello Everyone!

Background on getting my 6:

Been in love with this car since before I knew it. I saw it at 2014 Autoshow, thought "Wow Mazda has some sleek looking cars" without being a serious buyer until last year. Didn't make the connection until I was looking at buying a car again.

Lo and behold, I did my research and fell in love with this car all over again and bought a CPO, single-owner, dealer-serviced, no accident Soul Red GT-Tech with 60K KMs (37.5K Miles) for a great price. Love it.

Now, the question:

Car has thrown a BSM flash signal about 7 weeks ago now. Since I opted for just the CPO warranty (power train only) when I bought the car, no comprehensive, I'm dreading taking this to the dealer. I know these tech options are expensive and it's the one thing that dealers use to talk up extended warranties.

Does anyone have any experience with getting this serviced? I hear it's two modules behind the rear bumper, one on either side. One autobody tech told me that sometimes water gets into the modules and they fry. I am thinking to order the factory service manual from somewhere and try to diagnose it myself.

The owner's manual said that collisions can upset the system as it's calibrated to very specific tolerances. I did tap the right-rear bumper of the car sliding down a freezing-rain, black-iced parking ramp :frown2: about a month or so before it gave out... Not sure if this is related.

What do you all think?
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