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940 Posts topped the coolant off and everythinng seems to be runnign up to par.

Oh, except for the 'train noise' that it's making. I figured, screw it, and dropped it off at Mazda today. Told them to keep it as long as they want...just figure out what the deal is. They said it's most likely the oil hasn't got a chance to circulate around the lifters because of the cold, and it's common. Won't that damage the engine though??? Who knows...[/b]
Hydraulic lifters are like that, not a problem, once they pump up, the clicking should go away. The clicking is due to clearance between the rocker arm and the lifter. No big deal.

They do not sound like a steam engine though.

With all the moisture in the car I would be concerned about something else - bad heater core (if you are losing coolant and seeing a lot of moisure in the car and problems with heat). Dealer will figure it out.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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