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In the mornings, I get it, drive the car and all is good....

After short/long drives (enough time to get the engine up to temp), I get back in, start her up, and a lot of heat blows through the vents....on cold or hot days, during the day OR night. I have to turn the AC on to cool the air coming in. If I don't, it doesn't seem to ever cool down....

I was told by the dealer that the intake vent for the cabin is right behind the hood...right in front of the glass (below the windshield wipers). I was also told that the hot air from the engine and intercooler can cause this problem, and that both use the hood as a 'heatsink'. As soon as I start driving, the cooler air should cool the hood, allowing cooler air to enter the cabin. Great. But I've checked the hood and it's never all that hot.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has had this problem or am I being anal about it. I'm in sunny SoCal and LOVE to drive with the windows down....just sucks that I have to crank the AC for 10 minutes even if it's cold outside....

The ACC is set to 70, but not normally turned on.
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