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I’ll be as brief as possible.
Review all the other more detailed instruction posts.

If you have the opportunity, pull a headliner from a local yard ($16 where I live).
If you have a sunroof this gives you the opportunity to see if it’s beyond your comfort level.
In the event you don’t like the headliner after pulling it just leave it in the car and you’re done.
I pulled two and the second had been redone and in good solid condition.

Remove the “B” pillar cover don’t just pull it back, it makes it much easier reinstalling the headliner.
Before plugging the headliner harness back in make sure that the pins are straight.
In my case I didn’t notice one pin in the “C” pillar plug was bent when plugged in. This prevented dome lights from functioning.

Take your time, it’s an easy job even with the sunroof.
If you go to a local yard bring a small battery such as a SL1079 to move the power seat back and forth.
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