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Headlight Sealant

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If you want to seal your headlights...

On the HIDPlanet forum, someone found that 3M makes a butyl rubber sealant that is the same as the Nissan sealant, but for half the price and you get 15 feet of it instead of 2 feet. Another bonus is that you can find it at Advanced Auto Parts or Parts America for $13.88. You should be able to find it directly in the stores or you can order it online from Parts America / Advanced Auto Parts website.

It can be re-heated in case you need to open the headlights again.

3M makes different sizes, but Advanced / Parts America only sells one size (3M Windo-Weld 08612)

Product Description: 3M Windo-Weld Sealant

Parts America Link
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agreed this 3M is good.

my friend who did the retro and bought the exact same stuff from the same ex-pro retrofiter from HIDPLANET also said this stuff is great!

I didnt want to take the chance and risk it so i went with the nissan sealant. 1 roll will do both headlights, but you def. have to be moderate with it.

with this 3M stuff 15 feet is crazy...i'd proably have enough left over to seal my sister's mouth shut!
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