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headlight LED strip

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i drive a dark cherry 06 6, and am considering putting the purple LED strip on my headlights along with headlight eyelids. and just want some opinions.
heres the link to the LED strip im putting in Flexible LED Strips » Flexible LED Light Strips » Buy Now at StreetGlow
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well i ended up gettin the lights, im running them 2 a switch im hooking up to go on the left of my steering wheel next to the headlight trim control and stuff, ill post some pics once im all done and we will see how it looks, if it looks like shit or a ricer ill just take them off, no big deal but thnx for the opinions
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heres the finished product, in my opinion i like them alot, u guys can judge for urselves.
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thnx! lol yea i had a feeling it would turn out good, well i used the street glow xtra slim purple led strips, ea. light is a simple 2 wire hook up so i soldered both the power and the grounds together to make a total of 2 wires, i ran the ground to the negative on the car battery then the power to a switch i installed right under the dash. and a power from the battery to the switch, the biggest pain was wiring the switch cause i had to find a way through the firewall but if u look close on the 06 6 theres a small plastic piece right behind the battery on the firewall so i drilled a whole through that and ran my wires through that.
what rubber gromet? i found one that was glued in and was melted around the fuse wires that were runnin out, but other than that i didnt see anything near the drivers side that id be able to run some wires threw.
yea the one above the break pedal i found but there was hardly any room the wires were packed so tight, i tryed to punch threw it with a hanger but stopped be4 i ened up messing up a wire but then right above that one to the upper right a bit more is that plastic piece it, it also came out right behind the battery so it was alittle easier for me.
my cars not red...its purple, offically dark cherry. and they are on the outside, they are paper thin and have a 3m adheasive that u just peal and stick and i hid the wire threw the bidy were it meets the light
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