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headlight LED strip

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i drive a dark cherry 06 6, and am considering putting the purple LED strip on my headlights along with headlight eyelids. and just want some opinions.
heres the link to the LED strip im putting in Flexible LED Strips » Flexible LED Light Strips » Buy Now at StreetGlow
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i have to agree also. there have been a few people who have tried on the 6. and every one looked like rice, and horrible.
i was at harbor freight buying a bench vice, and they sell these led strips there for like $5 bux in there car section. lol
there are a few. lol. hell, one was big enough to fit my 0/1 gauge wire through.
not a fan of those either. still look like an after thought bought off ebay. if someone did something that actually looked like it could have been stock, i might change my opinion though.
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