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hazard lights/rear defroster/ac all dont work...

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ok, so last year I broke the faceplate for the radio, making the controls for the rear defroster and ac not work. I put a new one in today, same all around (manual climate control) and something must fried. I still don't have use of the following- rear defroster/fresh air/ac/hazard lights, and the temp doesn't show on the display. I checked all the fuses, and they all look good. I guess it could be a relay.. im just wondering what could cause all these to go out... any ideas?
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Hey, I've got the Mazda6 shop manual on my computer, I've found the whole section on trouble shooting the climate controls/hazard light control wiring (the 2 plugs that go into the back of that part of the dash).
I cannot seem to find a way to post up the PDF pages to show you the tables, but basically if you have some multi-meter skills you can measure the voltages on each of the wires to see what section is causing you trouble, and it'll also tell you if the wiring to the climate controls is the issue, or the circuit board/climate control itself.

PM me your email address and I can hopefully find a way to email you the pages or even the whole shop manual.
Hey, here are the pages with the info. If you'd like the original PDF pages (since they're a little easier to navigate) then I can email them to you if you'd like. It says this is for the full-auto climate control, don't know if it'll help with the manual type, but it's worth a shot.

Let me know if you'd like more info, there's a heck of a lot more in the climate control/HVAC section of the manual that I can toss your way if you'd like to go through it.

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