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hazard lights/rear defroster/ac all dont work...

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ok, so last year I broke the faceplate for the radio, making the controls for the rear defroster and ac not work. I put a new one in today, same all around (manual climate control) and something must fried. I still don't have use of the following- rear defroster/fresh air/ac/hazard lights, and the temp doesn't show on the display. I checked all the fuses, and they all look good. I guess it could be a relay.. im just wondering what could cause all these to go out... any ideas?
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( Mazda 6 - 2005 )

Please Help :
Hazard Not Work
All Lights / Fuze / Cable is OK
Did you take the radio console out from the dash?

One time, I broke a few pins that connect one of the boards due to brute force (didn't realize that I had to unscrew a few things). I ended up having to resolder all the connections.
Thank You Dear

Yes , I take Few Times radio console out from the dash !!!!
for AUX ( Please Look My Pictures ) :

Next time I Control Pins and Connects .

But , Maybe *Electronic Relays* Damaged . Where is That ? and how To change it ?
( When Hazard Working Normally , ** TiK ** Tik ** Sound Come from Electronic Relays )

Sorry for My Funny & Bad English :lol:
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