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I just want to verify if the Green Red Wire(pin 1 I) is the Speed Sense Wire. I need to know so i can wire up the speed sensor for my avic n2.

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i'm not sure, but here's how you could test the wire:
tap a wire into the wire you believe is VSS, connect the positive lead of your multimeter to it, and the negative lead to chassis ground. drive the car and observe your multimeter, set to read VAC. the volts should climb when the vehicle accelerates, and decrease back to/near zero as you come to a stop. this is the hard way, or you can cut the wire at the radio harness and see if the VSS no longer works, this way is a little more destructive.

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12volts black (40A), black/yel (30A) + ignition harness
Ignition blue + ignition harness
Parking Lights+ lt. green/black + driver kick, 14 pin plug
Parking Lights- red/white - headlight switch
Headlight blue/green - headlight switch
Trunk/Hatch Release yellow - switch or door lock module
Notes: The door lock control module is located above the passenger kick panel.
Power Sliding Door N/A
Speed Sense green/red radio harness
Wipers gray (L), yellow/red (H) + windshield wiper switch
LF Window up/dn red - green A driver window switch in door
RF Window up/dn green/white - lt. green/black A driver kick, door harness
LR Window up/dn red/green - yellow/red A driver kick, door harness
RR Window up/dn blue/white - green/red A driver kick, door harness
Sun Roof open/close sunroof motor
Sun Roof Limit/close N/A
Memory Seat 1 N/A
Memory Seat 2 N/A
Memory Seat 3
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