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Got my new wheels on

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Got them put on yesterday at Volco Richmond. Got the tires there too.

Here's the thread I started over in the wheels and tires section:
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looking good Haroon !!! Your not gonna run those gems in the salt covered roads are you??
Damn right I am :)

Actually, I thought about waiting, but I needed new tires so bad that I had no choice.

Plus this stupid weather's almost gone now. Hopefully it stays away... knock wood.
Nice 4 x 4 !! :p Is it me or the wheel gap looks bigger than the stockies? Looks good, can't wait to see them lowered and in person.
Now you can cross that one off your sig.

Congrats man :)
Sig altered... thanks for everyone's kind remarks.

BTW... I had to roll the fenders more. There was still rubbing issues since we initially rolled the fenders from about the 10 o'clock to the 2 o'clock position.

So, I ended up re-renting the tool and Darren (Super Car Tastes-Skoda Budget) was kind enough to stop by my place and helped me rolled the fenders some more.

Thanks Darren. You the best.
Looks good. But your new tire size is slightly smaller than what you had before though.
Yes I know. There's a 9.6 mm difference in overall size.

Stock size: 215/50/17
New size: 225/40/18

Overall diameter stock: 646.8mm
Overall diameter new: 637.2mm

235/40/18 would have been much closer, but I didn't want to put a 235 series tire on a 7.5 inch wide wheel. Plus, with my offset, 235s might have given me even more rubbing issues.

If the wheel gap is the concern, then that's being dealt with in a month's time or so.
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Wheelgap's not a problem, you'll just get slightly shortchanged on your odometer.
True... but I guess I'll have to live with it. An extra 1500 kms per 100,000 kms travelled isn't a whole lot IMO...
Hey, Haroon...
Did Volco charge you for balancing? I'm trying to get new tires for my 6.. They have reasonable price but they're asking for additional 7.50/ea for balancing... uhmm...
Hey, Haroon...
Did Volco charge you for balancing? I'm trying to get new tires for my 6.. They have reasonable price but they're asking for additional 7.50/ea for balancing... uhmm...
That seems to be a common practice. From my experience most tire places will mount them for free, but charge you for balancing, when you buy new tires. If you buy both tires and wheels at the same time, most places will mount, balance and include valve stems at no charge.

Just be sure to include all the costs and compare the final, out the door totals when cross shopping. You could always try negotiating with them.
Yes they charged me $7.50 per tire.

They also dinged one of my rims free of charge... hardly noticable tho.
7.50 per tire is good.. the reason behind this is that when the tax man comes around they have to show where they charged for the items it takes to balance a tire, like weights. It's much like a shop supplies charge when you go to a mechanic, or a plumber. We (locksmiths) have to charge it on every invoice to show that we are charging for the bit's and peices like springs and pins.... Sure 7.50 a rim might sound like alot, but in fairness, weights do cost, and so does the machine that balances.

It would be good if they included that charge in the price, but it's also nice to havew a breakdown as to what you are paying for.
Haroon now we can read your sig.... but now it's way too long.. ^_^
nice rims haroon !!! :)
Why thank you Tim.
nice rims!

T hey look...
S harp. But be careful...
X tra nice rims = xtra attention to your already unique car.

H ow will you ever deal with so much positive attention?
I may need to trade your car with mine.
D o i need to say more?
Chris... you crack me up.
I guess I don't have much options on it then....

btw, Costco has BFGoodrich for $179/ea... (include mount/balancing). any opinions?

I'm looking at Falken 512 (~$135/ea), Hankook Ventus V4ES(~$145/ea), and Kumho Ecsta ASX(~$179/ea).
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