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Well, here is yet another I-Got-My-6 post :)

I didnt end up with the one I wanted (the s model) but they offered me a killer deal I couldnt pass up on an i model. Until I finish school next year, Im only working part time and the s would have been stretching it a bit. So, its not loaded to the gills (premium package is only major option); but it will do until next year when I trade up to the hatch.

It's a great car from what I can tell so far. My friends, fam and co-workers all dig it and are all glad I got this instead of the 325 or an Altima. As soon as the holiday is gone, Im going to get the windows tinted, look into adding a sub or something, and get rid of the 16's: Those wheels are just OK looking at best IMO. I cant wait to yank them off.

All in all, a nice early Christmas present to myself ;)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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