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I'll just Cut and Paste! :)


>Hi Navtech.
>I've just bought a Mazda6 with navsys in here in Sweden, and your maps really is >awesome! That's why i wonder if you'll ever map Norway? We drive there a lot in >summers, so i'm just curious!
>I went to your site to register my navsys built in my Mazda6 - 2003
>There's no Mazda in the choise list?! only BMW's, Alfas and many other nice cars.. but >no Mazda.
>Happy New Year
>Best Regards - Ulf Holmstrom, Sweden

Dear Mr Holmström,

Navigation Technologies has recently started the development of coverage in Norway starting with Oslo. We intend to continue the expansion our coverage of Norway over time, as we do with all of our database products.
It is important to note, however, that there is a lapse of 6-9 months between the time NAVTECH data is made available to our partners and the time that this data is introduced into the market. For more information about the availability of this coverage info we recommend you to contact your local car dealer.

At this moment we do not have a update version available for your navigation system.Therefore it is not included on our web-page. Navigation Technologies is the database supplier for the navigation system of Mazda. However, we do not handle any distribution of updates for this system at this time. To receive information regarding updates we recommend to contact your dealer.

Kind regards

Navigation Technologies
Customer Service Centre
PO Box 501
7300 AM Apeldoorn
The Netherlands
International Toll Free Number: 00800 18 23 53 22
Local Toll Free Number Germany: 0800 181 6065
Local Toll Free Number France: 0800 914 478
Local Toll Free Number Italy: 800 781 145
Telephone Number: +31 555 384 245
Fax Number: +31 555 433 947

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Ah...that would explain why the maps for Norway is so much smaller than the one for Sweden. Makes me a bit mad, cause it's being sold as a map package for Scandinavia. Since when is northern Norway not part of Scandinavia??:sarc
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