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hey mazda 6 guys we have a GI but soon to b GB for a fix for the STS shifters...below is what TWM is going to be making...if you want to get in on it hit me up with a PM and ill send you a link to the forum that it is on.

hey guys i was talking to TGNY today and he had a great idea of having the bracket that the shifter assembly sits in made out of aluminum by TWM... key features would include a bracket that either clamps down or is screwed into place over top of the shifter cables plastic clips, which would stop the clip from popping out or moving around... Furthermore anyone with a short shifter has more than likely done the bolt mod to adjust the angle of the shifter cable, but the problem with this is the cable is not proberly secured into place and it tends to move around making shifting sloppy...To get around this problem TWM could make a spacer that clips into the bracket holder for the shifter cable and it would do exactly what the bolt mod did, but safely and with a secured cable properly clipped in (then the above mentioned bracket would then either clip in or be screwed in over top of it making it unable to pop out or move around)... The reason for the spacer is because me and TGNY thought it would be better to have an aluminum stock bracket made up then have the spacer as an add on for those with short shifters so both people with stock shifters and those with SS would be able to get it because i guess the problem is present for people with both types of shifters....

the white plastic thing is the shifter assembly that we want made out of aluminum

The bracket would go over top of this area that i have highlighted in red and either screw in or clip in

This is where the spacer would go in for anyone with a Short Shifter

here is a video of the problem

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Interesting. I was just looking at the TWM site and thinking of buying the shift kit. However if there is a problem with the short shifters, then maybe I wait to see where this is gonna go with a plate instead
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