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Okay, so I'm doing a GI thread instead of jumping straight to a GB thread, and I'll explain why.

If this GB goes down, it will be towards the end of this month and on into the beginning of next month. This puts us as Christmas time, which I know is a time when people are tight on money because they're spending money on a ton of other people. Thus, group buys around this time have a high chance of failure.

However, at the same time, if you were looking to pick these up as a gift for someone else, or perhaps you wanted someone to buy them as a gift for you, it could be the perfect opportunity to save some money. Thus, group buys around this time have a chance of being successful.

Obviously it's 50/50, so I didn't want to do a 100% confirmed group buy.

Now here's the kicker. I have an idea for this group buy, and I don't think it's something that's ever been done before in a 6 community (or perhaps any car community). I'm going to take the proceeds from this group buy and use it to help someone in need during this Christmas season.

A local radio station does a program every year where they accept requests for help during the holidays. Usually it's 3rd parties that send in the submissions. For example, if Jane knows that Bob can't buy his kids anything for Christmas this year, Jane could write in to the station and let them know that Bob is struggling. She would describe what makes Bob worthy of somebody's donation. The station leaves these submissions out for local individuals and businesses to pick and choose if they want to help out with one, two, or a few of them.

So, my idea is this. I go down to the station, pick out a few of the submissions that sound good and will fit in the budget (which will be determined by how many people participate in the group buy), and then, I throw up a poll on here and let you guys, the 6 community, choose who we help.

I know we all have our own friends and family to spend money on, but this is the season of giving, so I thought it would be cool if we did something to give back.

In honor of the Christmas season, I'll also give a little bit and lower the starting prices. Unfortunately I can't go any lower than the lowest price from the last group buy, but for up to 20 orders, we'll start the price at $340.00. This includes shipping and a lifetime warranty, as always. 21 orders and beyond will bump it down to $330.

Also, in honor of Black Friday, if we end up doing this group buy, anyone that submits their payment between 12:00AM and 11:59PM CST on November 26th will receive a 3rd brake light for the hatch or the sedan at no extra charge.

One last thing. We'd ideally like to have everybody's tails in their hands by Christmas day, just in case you did want to use it as a gift. Thus, we'll end the payment period sometime around the first week of December, so that we have ample time to get everything shipped out in time.

Okay, if you're interested, post up in this thread, and let's get the ball rolling. We need a minimum of 20 orders to get this thing done, so please don't commit to buy unless you are actually fairly sure you will buy. I'd hate to get everyones hopes up and then not be able to go through with this.


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hey man I will need to order another one of those... I got rear ended today so my tail lights are done! .... hope you can lower the price like the other time you did the GB

im in for the amber turn signal.. just need to send the receit to my insurance then I will buy another pair for sure...

its a good thing your selling another batch now !

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I'm working with the manufacturer to see if we can go ahead with this or not. I should know by tomorrow what the decision is.

BZERK, my profile doesn't have the permissions needed to post in the GB section.

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Tracking numbers have been sent out for anyone that ordered by the deadline. It looks like several of the packages are cleared past customs and due for delivery in the next day or 2.

For the 2 or 3 people that didn't, your orders will be shipped later this week.

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Is there going to be another GB? and if so, what was the price for the past two buys???

I have heard these tails are AWESOME... I want :(
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