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getting water on the leather seating

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hey guys
yes this is the definition of a newbie question!

i left the window open last night, and of course it rained. so this morning there was water all over the front seat and side panel. (quite a bit of water)

i've never owned leather seats before, should i be concerned? Have i ruined anything? I bought the car a few months ago. Was I supposed to protect the leather with any type of spray?

also, should i be worried about any water getting into the power window buttons?

i know, i know, these questions might seem stupid, but isnt that what the internet is for....stupid questions by people like me!
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Don't worry about it, All cars are built to accept rain comming down on the interior door panels and such just because it happens all the time!! As for the leather seat I would use some nice protectant and cleaner like Lexol or Zaino leather care. It helps protect your leather for rain, dirt and other marks.
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