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Gen 2 - Alternative Manual Transmission Fluid

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This is a bit of a sound-off thread. Got my car back after a harrowing experience in a gen1 mazda3 (this hooptie made my old SL1 look like it was loaded with features) . . . After $112 a lighter wallet I got:

What I want to know is this:
What alternative fluid have you tried in your gen 2?

Also, please note if you were trying to remedy any particular problem.

I'll start:
very hard to get into gear below 40 degrees F -- changed to RedLine MT-90 (Synthetic 75W-90; GL-4) at 25k miles

Nicer than stock for the first 3k, after that, about as good as stock, occasionally have 2nd gear 'bouncing' when I try to shift.

Brought it into the dealer at 41k miles . . . can't reproduce.

I'm curious if anyone's gone down to something like 70W-90 or even 80/85. I don't live anywhere even REMOTELY cold, but it seems (to me) from the complaints of others about the same thing that this wasn't tested anywhere outside of Virginia, Cali or Arizona.

I'm considering Amsoil (within owner's manual specs) first, then possibly considering Royal Purple, which someone said wasn't good for Mazda's about another vehicle.

Anyone tried RedLine MTL? Seems sort of extreme, or even possibly Smurf's Blood . . . their high-shock gear fluid.


I'm considering (at this point) writing Corporate for a refund on my extended warranty; it seems like . . . if it isn't something my wife and two of my non-gearhead co-workers would notice AND something that could be fixed by Midas, the dealerships aren't prepared to deal with it . . .

Sound off Gen2 M/T owners :)

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Interesting thread since I want to change my manual trans fluid ('05 Mazda6).

I've used the special Ford fluid in my Contour SVT's back in the day. Those cars originally came with auto trans fluid in their 5-speed manuals and the new Ford expensive fluid replaced the auto stuff. They always shifted real nice and I remember something about it being 15W-40 Diesel oil + some other stuff (someone had an analysis done).

I'm going to order some Motul 300 (75W-90) from Amazon and give it a go. The Valvoline full synthetic 75-90 just isn't working very well after 12,000 miles. Cold performance wasn't that great this past winter either.
Well, it's now winter time in Michigan and my transmission shifts beautifully!

I used the Ford Synthetic fluid that is about $21/qt !!
It is spec'd for the MTX-75 in the '98-'00 Contour SVT.
part #XT-M5-QS
I'm amazed how well the Ford Synthetic fluid works. I won't run anything else.
1 - 3 of 43 Posts
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