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I need some real techinical advice, lol. So i installed my gauges, and somehow my Speedometer needle's bugged out now. The needle rests over the milelage, so it's about 20 miles off. I tried driving it off hoping it would catch and reset itself so it wont go below the 0 dash, but it still does. Has anyone had this problem or have any idea on a solution?

I took my friends advice and moved the needle up to the next position until it 'caught' itself around the 20mph marker. As soon as i started the car the needles would bounce, and it would rest back at 20mph. Then when i took my keys out again, it went back down to 0. Then when i did it again. it goes below 0 again, and after that it stays there because it can't go any farther.

The only needle that's messed up is the MPH. The RPM and the other gauges are fine, this is the only one that's not working correctly.

I hope i didn't confuse anyone, but any help would be really appreciated because i don't want to spend 700.00 on a new speedometer.

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