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So how did that air box mod go? Do you really care now about losing a few drops of gas? I think i know the answer to that...

Technically, yes, you do lose gas (a SMALLLL amount) honestly who cares? . Its sounds deeper, louder than stock, you can argue it gives you a lil HP gain, (i dont think it does IMO) and it draws attention (which is probably why you did it in the first place)

for the person that wants to do this mod and not cough up the couple hundred for a quality CAI will probably become heavy footed and act like they actually have one. that accounts for 98% of the extra gas loss.

Anyone disagree?
I agree that it's the heavy footedness ( is that even a word? :laugh: ) of the driver after the mod that wastes the gas. I know because I am one of them. I've heard many things also and the only thing I was told to leave on was the tuba. Although I doubt it will matter either way. I would honestly do what I did and pick up a true CAI if you actually want hp and torque gains. But for now the box mod does give you the aggressive sound of a CAI.
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