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I sent this email to Mazda USA:

I am planning on ordering a Mazda6 from the factory but I have a few questions that my local dealerships cannot answer for me.

1) When will the MP3 player and minidisc options be available to order installed in the car from the port? How do I go about ordering my '6 with these options?

2) Will I be able to order the car with the above sound options WITHOUT the Bose upgraded speakers even if I want the side air bags? Essentially, I want every relevant package/option (leather, comfort, sport, moonroof, SAB, MP3, MD) but without the Bose.

3) Will the '6 be available in any other colors in the near future? A more luxurious and neutral blue, such as your attractive Midnight Blue Mica available on the Protege5 would be a perfect addition to the line.

Mazda's response:

Thank you for contacting Mazda North American Operations. I appreciate
the opportunity to respond to you.

The MP3 player and MiniDisc options can be ordered currently with your
vehicle order. The only MAZDA6 you can order with all of the options
you have listed and no Bose system, would be the MAZDA6s with a manual
transmission. This would need to be ordered for March production at
the earliest. We are only offering the current colors listed on our
website. Please note the colors may change with different model

I have documented your comments for our corporate files. I hope this
information is useful. Please let me know if there is anything further
I may assist you with.
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