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fusion AWD to Mazda 6s?

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just as the title says. I've been thinking about this for a while and I'm just now trying to see how possible this is, since I got struck by the PCV issue.

My understanding is they share the same chassis and (V6) motor. So why wouldn't this work? I see AWD wrecked fusion on ebay goin for cheap all the time and I'm actually thinking of trying this out. But I need to do some research first. Give me some info guys! I'm looking for NY to comment as well as you've seen the bottom of our cars more than I have.
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the PCV is not the reason for the transplant. I have had the car since 2004 (it's an 03) and I just put a motor with 22,000 miles in it. I have been looking to get another car to fix up again (I used to have an MR2 turbo) and since I have a new motor in this car I'm thinking lets make this the project car finally.

Now I'm looking for info anyone has on the differences in the chassis and why this would or would not work.
I was assuming the electronics would be a problem, as well as assumed the axles were different. I guess I'm trying to see if anyone else has looked at this. I wouldn't think the electronics would be hard to get taken care of. Custom axles are easily done as well. I have seen totaled AWD fusions go for extremely cheap on the bay, so I assume that the suspension would line up since there pretty much the same car. I'm guessing the trans case and electronics would be the major projects of it.

I think an AWD 1G M6 would be awesome and I'm sure others would to.
90 degrees for rear wheel drive I'm looking at the AWD setup.

Yeah I agree with the cost point. Thats usually always against you when you start molesting a car. It sucks

I was also thinking of trying to keep my MTX. probably need a custom housing though... :/ I'm really just trying to get info/ opinions and anything people know. cause the way I see it is, I have a 2003 Mazda6S with a new motor. I'm going to have this thing a while. Lets have fun with it.
Just for fun, is it possible to make a frankenstine 4WD with our cars by putting a new bellhouseing on (for example) a mitzu evo trans/dif and using the Mazdaspeed 6 rear ass?
I have been trying to find spindle counts for the mitzu's tranny as well as size and I can't come up with anything. I'll prob have to join another forum :/
Well the most major thing is the tranny and the mitzu has a 6 speed witch would be amazing. But I'm most positive that a new bellhousing would work on it. I need to do some research.
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