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fusion AWD to Mazda 6s?

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just as the title says. I've been thinking about this for a while and I'm just now trying to see how possible this is, since I got struck by the PCV issue.

My understanding is they share the same chassis and (V6) motor. So why wouldn't this work? I see AWD wrecked fusion on ebay goin for cheap all the time and I'm actually thinking of trying this out. But I need to do some research first. Give me some info guys! I'm looking for NY to comment as well as you've seen the bottom of our cars more than I have.
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if you have the money and just want to build an AWD car and not just buy one ( which would be easier)

1. take the speed drivetrain (tranny, pto, axles, driveshaft, rear parts, and etc)
2. get and NA 2.3L and build that, boost it
3. get the NA 2.3L ecu, gauge cluster, and ignition, and wiring harness(s)
4. the rest of the lil tidbits to finish it off.

put it all together. Voila. AWD 6 without the issues of the DISI motor. but it'd be expensive to say the least, lol
I've always wondered why no one has swapped engines with the NA 2.3L...cheaper to build and will make nuts power and be reliable. Aside from swapping ecus andharnesses and the gauge cluster. It'd be pretty much a direct swap.

But hey, is exactly it bro
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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