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fusion AWD to Mazda 6s?

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just as the title says. I've been thinking about this for a while and I'm just now trying to see how possible this is, since I got struck by the PCV issue.

My understanding is they share the same chassis and (V6) motor. So why wouldn't this work? I see AWD wrecked fusion on ebay goin for cheap all the time and I'm actually thinking of trying this out. But I need to do some research first. Give me some info guys! I'm looking for NY to comment as well as you've seen the bottom of our cars more than I have.
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though the chassis might be the same it doesn't mean the car was designed for awd. it could probably be done, but would require some modification to the undercarriage. it's not easy by any means, but it could be done if you have the room/tools/time.

...the pcv issue is far from a reason for a full transplant
unfortunately you won't find anyone with reasons why it "would" work, or it would have been done already. there are too many reasons why it wouldn't (within a typical budget) for most to try, as it would be cheaper to buy a used awd car that will work correctly.

the biggest issues is the electronics. Ford doesn't use the same style ecu's the Mazda's do, so there's no way to control it. you could TRY to find someone to design some sort of board/gadget that could translate it perhaps, try running a complete ford system in the car, or see if the mazdaspeed tcm could work on it so it's atleast another Mazda part. that right there is more than most are willing to deal with.

even getting everything from the system off the fusion for free, you are looking at a couple grand just to potentially figure out electronics. don't know if the axles are the same? does the suspension line up EXACTLY? and the whole undercarriage not being setup for a driveshaft AND exhaust on the standard 6.

again, anything can be done for enough money, but you won't find any info on here about it. it's all going to be custom and you'll be the first one going at it. it's been talked about with the 6i and speed6 setup in the past, and again the ecu and undercarriage are too much to deal with on a 10k car.
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the issue comes from this....and i hate being the negative guy.

if you have a 1G M6 worth say 5-6k, you are putting 3k+ into it and you now will have a 1G M6 worth about 3k...cause no one will want a car cut up like that. you have a AWD that is really a FWD system that uses the rear wheels only when they are needed, not the best performance type setup out there....and you are stuck with the atx.

in socal i can find a good shape WRX w/ mods if i want in the 7k range, or in the 5-6k range if i don't mind a salvage title. a 2.0 subaru wrx will be fast in any sort of race, will be a stick and will have a much more robust awd system.

now, i understand the desire, F2 was going to put an AWD conversion on my car....but reliability goes out the window (even more than my car is currently) and cost vs benefit (other than the cool factor) just wasn't there. outside of suspension, there isn't really much that hasn't been done to my car/engine...and i'd take $3k for it in a heartbeat, but until someone offers me that i keep dumping money into it, so maybe you should move forward on your project too.
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actually the subie scene as well as rallycross in socal is pretty large to say the least. given the guys that are upping power are having issues, but those that are mild yet still give the Mazda a run for it's money can go all day long.
wonder if you could just buy a speed6 w/ blown motor, then put in a built 2.3 from the 6i and some standalone tuning? HiBoost got into the 500's w/out serious tuning even....not sure what the stock drivetrain would hold, and the speed platform is more $$ to start with...but hey.
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