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The PSP Value Pack is the Black Sony PSP w/ firmware V1.50, battery, charger, headphones and remote, leather strap, soft case, 32Mb memory card, and sample UMD.

Condition is, of course, perfect all around - hardware, software, and cosmetically. Adult owned, never dropped, and always taken care of. Absolutely no scratches on the PSP's beautiful face at all. All the buttons work like did when it was brand new. The UMD slot opens, holds the disc, and closes perfectly. The 1 game disc itself has minor wear on the UMD case, but absolutely nothing on the disc itself. NO DEAD PIXELS on the screen. PSP has never been dropped. The only worn, scratched, and scuffed item is the exterior of the Logitech Case, which is normal.

Also included would be a 1Gb Sandisk memory stick pro duo (yellow card), Burnout Legends UMD game, and Logitech Playgear hard case. This stuff is worth a total of $475. This is also version 1.50, so you can run a bunch of homebrew games and programs on it for nes, snes, genesis, etc roms.....provided you own and have those cartridges in your attic or storage space. I want a firm $300 for everything shipped. Itemized, thats $200 for the PSP Value pack (the cost of the bare core system now), $50 for the 1Gb, $25 for the game, and $25 for both the logitech case and shipping, but I'm not parting out the bundle. The buyer is definitely saving on the tax. I have a good ebay reputaton under djbrogz2020, and I've sold a couple things here.

PM if interested.
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