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For Sale: Sirius Starmate Receiver
Price: $40 (shipping included in that price)

if interested leave a post here, or send me a message.

The unit is in fine working order. I just purchased the pioneer avic n3, and no longer have any use for this receiver as the pioneer deck now handles that operation. this was hardwired into my car before, so the wires are all set to be connected for you.

pictures are below.

also, there is a remote which was not pictured that will be included. if you need a picture of that please let me know and ill grab it from my car and snap a quick picture.

Sirius Info:
if your a Sirius subscriber already, and are just looking to transfer your account to the radio, there is no charge. if your a 1st time subscriber, there is an activation fee. (you can save $5 by doing it on the web), and then the monthly subscription fee of $12.95 (unless you choose a different plan).

if your adding this as a 2nd radio to your account, there's an additional charge of $6.99/month.

all the info you need can be found over at:

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