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FS: New unlocked BlackBerry 8700g

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I have used this a couple of times, its been kept in a leather holster when i did use it.

will sell for $400 CDN
includes everything you get with a BB plus leather holster

Located in the GTA, willing to meet up

PM for details
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it means you can put it on any GSM netowork across the world.
when you buy a GSM phone (one that takes a SIM card), it comes LOCKED to that carried, example if you buy a CINGULAR phone, you cant take that phone and use it on T-MOBILE's network, it wont accept a TMOBILE SIM.

my blackberry is unlocked meaning you can use it in europe, asia, canada, USA, south america, fuck use it on the moon if you can get a signal.

any carrier that uses GSM will work. and its a Quad band world device, so you can take it anywhere and it'll work
this might be a dumb question...but why is this post pinned?
I would also like to know why it isn't in the FS section and meeting our forums's guidelines for FS posts Mr. Regional Moderator. :rant: Fix it and move it or face deletion!
its posted locally because i wont sell it to anyone that doesnt want to meet up, i highly doubt anyone outside the TORONTO area will want to drive up here for a blackberry.

no matter, its sold anyway
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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