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Due to divorce and the car being in my wife's name, I've decided to go ahead and get the Jaguar I wanted. This sub is the only mod I ever did to my 6, so I pulled it out before I traded it. It's in excellent condition and I only had in there for about 3 months. It was powered by the matching amp recommended by Pioneer after I got rid of the older 200W Pioneer amp. It worked flawlessly and hit suprisingly hard for a 3.5" deep subwoofer.

Here are the specs on Pioneer's website.

I bought the enlosure from another 6club member and just sanded the surrounding for this one to fit. I have the terminal cup that goes into it, but for now it just has a small hole drilled in the bottom for the cable to enter. I'll include the terminal cup in the sale.

Here are the pics of it when I finished the install. keep in mind that it isn't carpeted; it is textured-black painted to match the color of the trunk carpet/walls, so it looks pretty stock. Even the guy at the dealer didn't know it was aftermarket when he inspected my 6.

I'm asking $175 shipped within the continental US, and I'll ship whatever carrier you prefer. Upgraded shipping will cost extra, obviously.
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