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Alright, well I've come to the realization that I'm not going to be building this motor any more. My original plan was to build an N/A beast, then it was to S/C it with a full motor rebuild. Now, if I even do anything extreme, it will just be to run the S/C on a mild psi setting on a stock motor.

What this means is that I'm parting out my entire motor that has been dis-assembled and bagged down to the last nut and bolt (labeled of course lol) and has been sitting in my closet for a year.

Anyways, this thread is hosting my set of cylinder heads that are in full functioning shape, assuming you attach it to an engine. Unless you have a spare set of cylinder heads, or don't mind being without your car for a month or so, it is almost impractical to port and polish your cylinder heads.

So I'm selling my cylinder heads either as is for $600 shipped OR selling them ported and polished w/ a five angle valve job from Worrall Carburation & Machine Shop. They specialize in high performance motors and, by reference of a few local high performance shops, do "god-like" work.

I would be selling them ported and polished for $1300 shipped. I would ask that the buyer put a $300 down payment once he is dedicated to the purchase and then pay the remaining once the heads are back and ready to be shipped.

Cylinder Heads [as is] - $600 shipped
Ported, polished and valve job - $1300 shipped

P.S. - IDK if the pics are working. If not let me know and I will try to get them up again.
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