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FS: $150 17x7 OEM Mazda 6 wheels + TPMS + Tires, South FL

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I have a set of 4 wheels that i want to sell from my 2008 6i. I took them off, lightly sanded them, and aircraft removed the paint on 2. the insides on all 4 are painted with sandable primer and white engine enamel paint. The tires are good, the wheels are good, and the TPMS sensors inside are still good. I would separate the tires, sensors, and wheels, however im honestly too lazy to separate them all. All they need is a good stripping and painting done. currently with school i dont have the time to do so, so here they are listed.

you could easily get 100 bucks for each piece seperatly. 100+ for the wheels, 100 for the TPMS, and 100 for the tires.

Shoot me a PM if anything.

This is a feedback thread of mine from - Nissan Sentra Forum. I know its only up to 2009, however ive maybe bought a handful of things here and there since then via ebay for the most part.

Chiquae07's Feedback Thread - - Nissan Sentra Forum

$150 OBO

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