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Hello guys.

We own a Mazda 6 1st generation since 2004 that has 115.000 km on it.

As far as i can remember, my father was always saying that the car is pulling right, but nο one could fix it. After new tires on and fresh alignment the problem seems to be gone to some degree, but it comes back after 1000 miles or something. By pulling right i mean that the car pulls me 1 meter right for every 100 meters forward.

Although this might be irrelevant with the right pulling, when i'm still and i turn the wheels right or left i hear a crackling noise coming from the right front of the car. The same crackling noise is felt when I go over an obstacle slowly such as climbing a sidewalk to get to my garage. I suspect it is either the front control arms' bushings or ball joints and as i read in here. the upper control arm's ball joint is replaceable while the lower control arms' ball joints are not. So would you suggest replacing all 6 bushings and the upper ball joint since it costs about half as much as replacing a control arm?

The third issue i have is that, let's say i'm about to park my car. When I turn back slowly and hit brake, there is a noisy crack sound. The car feels like it loses the right front brake for just a moment. You can feel it on the steering wheel as well. Feels as if something is not screwed up properly. I don't know if i need to worry or not but it seems like the front right side of my car needs to be fixed.

Does anyone have any experience on those issues and/or suggestions on what i should do?

Thanks in advance!
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