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Front fender liner messed up

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I was checking my tires the other day, and I saw this:

Tire Synthetic rubber Automotive tire Auto part Tread
Tire Automotive tire Tread Synthetic rubber Auto part

my front fender liner is messed up :(. Don't know how that happened..
Anyways, do you guys have any recos on where I can find replacement for it?

Checked ebay, I this is what I've found so far: MAZDA 6 MAZDA6 06-08 SPLASH SHIELD INNER FENDER LINER - eBay (item 290510763462 end time Feb-07-11 14:49:31 PST)

Or should I go straight to local dealer?
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It seriously doesn't look so bad that you can't buy a sheet of sheet metal and screw it in there. Use a piece of card board and a sharpie to map out exactly what size cut you'll need and cut the sheet metal accordingly. If you want it to look almost stock, buy a cheap flat black garage can from the dollar store and cut that accordingly.

BTW, if you look into that hole you can see that resonator connected to your air box (air box mod). I'd remove that completely while you have easy access to enhance the sound of the stock intake.

Unless your one of those guys that just "Have to have the car look stock," covering that hole should not cost you more than $10 (garbage can/sheet metal and screws) and about 30 mins. GL
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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